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Author: Richard Symister

Back Pain Standing? Stop Standing Like Elvis!

Do you get that localized, nagging ache on either side of your lower back as soon as you stand still? Do you dread waiting in line at the store? Is your enjoyment at a concert hampered because of back pain?

During a MovEvolution movement screening, our first concern is relieving your pain and one of the first things we look at is your body alignment.

The body likes symmetry and to be well-balanced over both feet. It doesn’t like to be shifted to one side or pulled to the front or back.

Picture a straw, nice and straight, balancing a golf ball on its head, distributing the weight of the golf ball throughout its entire shaft. Now picture the same straw starting to slightly bow. Can you see how certain parts of the straw now become overloaded, unstable, and vulnerable to pain and injury?

We use the same concept during our movement screening.

Now let’s get honest, get real, and stand in front of a mirror for a spinal alignment self-screen!

  1. The Elvis Presley or Lazy Stance. We all assume this position at some point, putting more weight on one leg, allowing one knee to bend, letting that one foot go“duck footed” and rotate out to the side. So, are you putting equal weight through both feet?
  2. Hula Hoop Hips. Where are your hips or center of mass in relation to that invisible hula hoop around you? Do a little “air” hula hooping, and try to find that center, sweet spot, between the ball of your big toe and your heel.
  3. Head and Shoulders Above The Rest. For all you desk jockeys out there, don’t bring that forward head and shoulder position into your standing posture. Let’s straighten up and fly (or rather “stand”) right, having both head and shoulders working in tandem,  gliding backwards over your heels.

It may be one or a combination of these alignment deficits overloading your back and causing your pain. Try one, mix-and-match, and see which modifications keep you standing tall with increased comfort. 

Enjoy your concert!

A MovEvolution Movement Screening can tell you oodles about postural, as well as balance and other functional deficits. Get screened. Do the homework. Evolve.

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Heal. Move. STAND TALL. Evolve.