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Author: Richard Symister

Active Recovery And Why We See Bikes on the Sidelines


Dance. Rest. Pain. Repeat.

Ever wonder why they keep stationary bikes on the sidelines of professional sports like basketball and football? To keep warmed-up, right? Correct. But also to keep that burning lactic acid from building up in muscles, to keep muscles from stiffening up, prepping the nervous system for “flight” or “fight” (or “freeze”) in reaction to some form of stress. Biking in between play is a form of active recovery — “activity” at an easy to moderate intensity to get blood flowing to your muscles to help them “recover”.
To perform and feel better for your next dance and to cut down on pain, stiffness and injury, try some active recovery movements before your next dance.  They can be similar to your warm-up movements. They should be movement-based and not static or sustained. Wait, you don’t want to get down on the floor in your dress or suit to do some child’s pose or downward dog? Check out this recent workshop presented by me at the Emerald Set in Virginia. Listen in at about (time) when I’m talking about a functional warm up and then at (time) for active recovery ideas.
My favorite active recovery movement? Multiple squats (or Third World squats) with overhead reaching. This movement really stretches my chest and hips, wakes up my quads and adductors and preps my shoulders for turns.
So, for the next dance set, plan on performing some active recovery, mobility movements. Feel the difference in your joints and muscles. See the difference in your performance!
Move. Heal. RECOVER. Evolve