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Author: Richard Symister

10 Steps to Fixing Knee Pain on Stairs: Step #6: Foot Pain Can = Knee Pain

Are you stepping around with foot pain and creating a biomechanical nightmare on stairs?

A painful foot bunion, blister, or bone, can play havoc on the rest of the body. The body will avoid what hurts. It will change or compensate for the way you step, load, and put pressure across your foot. In other words, what happens below, at the foot and ankle, will affect things above, at the knee and hip. Foot pain can lead to knee pain!

My big toe and dancing with knee pain story.

After a year or so of starting Chicago-style Stepping dance, I slowly started to develop knee pain. After some time, I would have knee joint pain after every few dances. I also noticed some pain happening right below each pinky toe. I eventually took a look at the bottom of my dance shoes and noticed a small hole, directly at the point of pain, as if something had bored through. One day, I looked at a pair of my socks and there was a hole there, too, directly at the same spot,

What the heck was going on?

I had to break things down and figure out why am I wearing out that part of my shoe and sock. I was sure it had to link to my knee pain dancing.

Then it hit me. A few years back, I suffered a Capoiera injury, severely sprain both big toes. Stubborn as I am, I trained through the pain and injury, never allowing the big toes to fully heal. Well, I lost the ability to go up on my big toes, let alone spin on them during dancing. My body had learned to compensate, spinning off of my pinky toes! Alakazam, I created my own biomechanical nightmare.

🧐 Try this: Don’t ever get “used to” a painful foot or ankle. Most conditions, like plantar fasciitis and painful bunions, are treatable with bodywork, postural awareness, and stability training.

Treat the foot and you’ll often treat the knee.

Painful feet or ankles? Treat your body from the ground up HERE.

Heal. Move. Treat Your Feet. Evolve.

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