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Author: Richard Symister

10 Steps to Fixing Knee Pain on Stairs: Step #7 Get to the CORE

Before we jump into another good stair tip, let’s all understand that the core is not just your midsection. You have a core of muscles beneath your feet. For our purposes here, think of a core as a group of muscles working in tandem to maintain joint stability and alignment.

If your foot core muscles are weak, dysfunctional, or injured, you flush stability (and therefore safety) right down the toilet. Specifically, without a stable foot core, you get wonky with your balance, muscle performance, and overall fundamental movement, like on stairs. What can follow are knee fatigue, pain, and injury.

🧐 Try this: Get to the CORE of your knee pain.

Getting your foot core stability screened is a great way to get your body blueprint of problems and training roadmap of fixes. A little bit of core stability training goes a long way as far as to stair negotiation confidence.

Evolve your core HERE.

Heal. Move. CORE. Evolve

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