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Author: Richard Symister

What’s the World’s Best Stretch for a Tight Lower Back?

Patch the Leaks in Your Core

You’ve seen them across YouTube or Instagram — the world’s best stretch or the only stretch you’ll ever need.

How the heck can the author know your particular mobility restrictions. They can’t.  So only follow their advice if you like rolling dice with your health.

Want the world’s best stretch for your back? Follow these tips:

  • FIND YOUR HOLES.  Find a specialist who absolutely loves treating and training the back.  Get evaluated and know your core weak zones. 
  • PATCH THE LEAKS. Learn how to correctly perform corrective movements specific to your core weak zones
  • GET ON SCHEDULE. Know when to prioritize your core weak zones during your training, 

Now you can say you indeed have the world’s best stretches for your tight, lower back. And yes, we mean plural, since one stretch alone usually won’t cut the mustard.

Heal. Move. STRETCH. Evolve.