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Author: Richard Symister

What Does Qigong and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Have In Common?

Answer – A Soft Touch
The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter does not rely solely on pure strength and power to beat his opponent. A subtle awareness of momentum, center of gravity and postural changes are crucial when making fluid adjustments to take positional control.
Qigong, as well as tai chi and push hands, emphasizes relaxation, patience and “softness”. Relaxation of mind and body helps the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter interpret energies, speed reaction time and anticipate throws, takedowns and locks. “Feeling” a guillotine a split before it’s applied could mean the difference between a preemptive escape and tapping out.
If you are a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter or train in any form of mixed martial arts, watch the Cheng Man Ching -Push hands play video below and see how he “feels” his opponent’s energy, receives it and throws it right back. It is this subtle, neurological sensitivity and softness that may give you an edge over your opponent when grappling.
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