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Author: Richard Symister

Want More Ankle Motion? Train MOBILITY & FLEXIBILITY

Want More ANKLE MOTION? Combine Mobility & Flexibility Training  

When a client comes to me with limited dorsiflexion motion, I have to assess 2 things: 

  1. Mobility (of the ankle joint)
  2. Flexibility (of the ankle muscle)

Logically, we may prescribe ankle mobility and/or ankle flexibility “homework” to regain lost dorsiflexion. The client’s homework will be based upon a passing or failing “grade” during mobility and flexibility training. 

Joint MOBILITY homework:

  • Mobility band posterior glide
  • 20 reps , followed by a 2 minute hold time, 6 times per week x 6 weeks

Muscle FLEXIBILITY homework: 

  • Downward dog 
  • 20 reps , followed by a 20 – 30 second hold, 6 times per week x 6 weeks

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