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Author: Richard Symister

Qigong and Physical Therapy Holistic Healing Methods

Qigong and Physical Therapy Holistic healing Methods for the Multi-Sport Athlete
For years, I’ve struggled with chronic lower back pain, induced by aggressive sports and dance (cycling, capoeira, calisthenics).
A few mornings ago, during qigong practice, I became aware of a postural and biomechanical fault — I was rotated at my hip, overloading spinal joints and muscles. Ah, ha!
After only two sessions of corrective exercises and specific qigong movements, I have been able to improve my posture and increase my training intensity with less pain and, therefore, more stability and power.
With patience and consistent practice — as with life — the qigong practitioner can learn something new about him or herself every training session. I’m still growing as a qigong practitioner, as well as a Physical Therapist, finding new ways to use qigong as a therapeutic method with my multi-sport and dance clients at MovEvoluton Physical Therapy.