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Author: Richard Symister

Practical Goal Setting for Athletic Performance Rule # 2: Train Your Brain First

Will more. Want less.
First, exchange the phrase I want for I will. Simply put, words have meaning, power and energy. Words can inspire motivate just as well as they can deflate and discourage.
The word want looms more in the realm of fantasy and desire, having less concrete reigns on which to hold.
The word will denotes action, intention, and manifestation, and trains your mind to avoid pitfalls such as skipping workouts, binge or poor eating habits. Will projects your thoughts into the universe for confirmation, guidance and positive energy. Will keeps your honest and on point.  For example, during my first week of training this year in January, my I will mantras were:
“I will commit to weight training 2 times per week.”
“I will drink at least 17 glasses of water per day.”
“I will cut down my starches 50% on my food palette.”
Yes, for the most part, I stuck to my guns.
Do your mental homework!
Manifest your own training destiny. Focus your mental energy on your own successful outcome and all the positive steps leading up to it. Create your new training mantra that hones you in towards your goals.
Coming up… Making S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Avoiding Wasted Training Time!