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Author: Richard Symister

I Chose To Go Out Of Pocket, But My Physical Therapist Changed My Life

 In the fall of 2015, I hired a personal trainer. Three years earlier, I became a vegan, worked out at my gym on the treadmill, elliptical rider, stationary bike, and in Zumba class two or three times per week. I had gone from 213 lbs. to 190 lbs. and wanted to lose more weight, build muscle, and increase my strength and endurance.

Your Goals. Your Pain. Your Training. Who’s listening?               
Personal training sessions were hard. Early on, I felt like my trainer didn’t give much regard to my age–I was over 40 at the time–and gender. I often felt he was pushing me harder than my body felt ready for, but I didn’t want to give up. He insisted on me doing pull-ups, and after one particularly grueling session, my left shoulder started hurting. The soreness was constant and interfered with my ability to fully lift my left arm or sleep comfortably through the night.

A couple of months later, I happened to meet Richard Symister, a physical therapist and owner of MovEvolution at our dance meetup. I told him about my shoulder. He gave me his card.  During our phone consultation, he asked me to relate the story of my injury and described his evaluation process. I was impressed by the amount of time he took to speak to me and his level of concern. 

“Do you take my insurance?” 
I had one issue–cost. During our conversation, Richard asked me about my insurance, and it turned out that he didn’t accept mine. If I were to become one of his clients, I would have to pay out-of-pocket.

MovEvolution’s rates, while higher than the $30 co-pay I’d be giving to a physical therapist that was in my insurance network, were very affordable. I took a chance and made my appointment with MovEvolution.
MovEvolution gave me a thorough evaluation. I was asked a slew of questions about my physical activity in my professional and home life. Richard used a skeleton and a chart to explain the workings of my shoulder and how his techniques would heal me. My range of motion was tested through various exercises, and it was determined that I had a torn rotator cuff and deltoid. It was recommended I receive treatment at MovEvolution once per week.

I left that appointment feeling more knowledgeable about my shoulder and hopeful about my treatment.

Does your Physical Therapist C.A.R.E.?

C care
A attention
R research
E experience

During my 60-90 minute sessions of one-on-one physical therapy at MovEvolution, I received a variety of traditional and holistic techniques:

  • an Estim machine to help rejuvenate the muscle
  • manual therapy for my shoulder and arm
  • Rock Tape to protect my shoulder and surrounding muscles
  • isometric exercises to be done at home 
  • bands and balls that assisted me with the exercises
  • cupping therapy on my shoulder“unload 
  • yoga stretches to help me loosen tight muscles in my back and hips. 
  • informational emails with links to YouTube videos about exercise. 
  • recommended a good body pillow I could use to elevate my shoulder and sleep comfortably.

Richard even offered to let me choose the kind of music he played during our sessions. I’ve always had good, compassionate doctors, including a chiropractor, but I never received as much personalized attention as I did at MovEvolution.  

After each session, I felt more relief. Each month, I was able to raise my left arm a little higher.
“Once you’re a client, you’re a client for life,” Richard said.
Living The Mission: Heal. Move. Evolve. 
He means that. In January of 2017, I fell and dislocated my left shoulder. After an MRI showed that I had a Hills-Sachs fracture, I consulted an orthopedic surgeon. He said surgery was a possibility but I could work to heal without it. He showed me some exercises I could do, but it was nothing like the thorough program I got from MovEvolution.

No Place Like MovEvolution
I went back to Richard, and he was honest about the months it would take before the fracture healed. He re-engaged me in the techniques he used to help me heal before. 

Positive Client Outcome!
I now have the full range of motion in my left arm. It’s still not quite as strong as my right arm, but I am physically active again. I am back in classes at my gym–kickboxing. Zumba. Water fitness. I have a personal trainer who challenges me appropriately through calisthenics and gradual weightlifting.
And MovEvolution’s number is stored on my phone whenever I might need it.