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Author: Richard Symister

Physical Therapists Stop Fighting

I recently had the opportunity to take Chris Johnson’s When Can I Run?workshop (https://www.facebook.com/head2toesystems) . The workshop was hosted by Equilibrium Physical Therapy in Manhattan and I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Matt Rome, and his attending, hospitable and vibrant staff.

"No, it's mine. All mine!"
“No, it’s mine. All mine!”

Matt and I talked a bit about the success his practice, treating both clients and staff with consistent, quality care, his business model and the future of physical therapy. It seemed we shared a similar outlook on the many benefits of being a cash-based business.
What impressed me the most was his offering to refer his Brooklyn friends to my dance and sports rehab studio, Movevolution Physical Therapy, in Fort Greene — and this was after he discovered we had a similar practice model and target audience. I do not see this type of clinical generosity too often. What I do see are physical therapists and clinics competing, hording clients and putting down territorial flags, all to get a bigger piece of the New York Pie.
New York has a population of 8.3 million and the percentage of fitness enthusiast athletes in New York is only growing. Within 10 miles of MovEvolution Physical Therapy, there are more then 20 outpatient physical therapy clinics. Should I be worried or go into hording mode? Among these clinics, there are only a few who specialize in sports and dance rehabilitation. We can significantly cut this number down if we add the criteria of being manual therapists. The final exclusion occurs when seeking out a cash-based, one-on-one treatment practice.
I appreciate owners like Matt who remind me why I first went into the profession, why I built Movevolution Physical Therapy as a niche, cash-based practice, and how much of the pie is out there for all of us. The universe is abundant with opportunities. There is a niche for every physical therapy practice. We, as owners, just need to find our own particular niche and the population that we can serve best.
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