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Author: Richard Symister

Learn To Relax Before Training.

The first rule of tai chi is to RELAX —relax your muscles, relax your mind and even relax your gaze.
Why should you learn the art of relaxation for greater sports performance?

 relax golf

Relaxation facilitates greater mind-body awareness. Any high-level dancer or athlete will explain the direct link between being in tune with your body and performance.
Relaxation facilitates deep, controlled breathing. If your breathing pattern is off, you may not be using the diaphragm properly for core stabilization and spinal protection.  You may also be at risk of hyperventilation, leading to increased blood PH levels, increasing muscle pain, weakness, cramps and spasms.
Learning to relax keeps you calm, centered and rational. An overload of stress or negative thoughts can shut down centers of your brain needed for concentration and decision-making. Imagine the goalie, set to defend a penalty kick, his mind partially focused on the ball and partially focused on his grandmother in the hospital.

   soccer goalie 2

Relaxation keeps you in the moment. Worrying less about yesterday or tomorrow allows you to truly appreciate the endorphin rush or” runner’s high”, personal achievements and pure satisfaction of movement, training and performance.
Learn the art of relaxation. You have many options —qi gong, tai chi, yoga breath work, imagery. It will change your sports training and performance. It will change your life!
MovEvolution Physical Therapy loves qi gong and uses it with many of its clients who “move for a living and live to move”.
Heal. Move. Relax. Evolve.