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Author: Richard Symister

“Is it ok to squat or deadlift with chronic lower back pain?”

Don’t believe the hype, naysayers, myth spreaders, or the ignorant.

We squat and deadlift all day long —- maybe not with the best form, but we do them. 

From getting out of our car to lifting a box from the floor, squats and deadlifts are part of our daily activities, as well as traditional strength and power movements. 

So how do you protect your back from injury when squatting and deadlifting?  It’s all about form and technique. Follow these rules below:

  • Patch the holes. Get a head-to-toe BACK ‘n Spine screening to pick out any mobility deficits or muscle weakness.  
  • Perfect your “air” squat before attempting craptacular “loaded” squats. Learn proper technique and form before piling on the plates or pounds.
  • Armor-plate your core and keep strengthening. Demanding more from the rest of your body? Make sure your core can keep up! Learn a progressive program. 

Heal. Move. SQUAT. Evolve. 

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