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Author: Richard Symister

Get Strong Without the Injury Drop the EGO!

I am truly a walking example of what happens to someone who tries to go for the gusto before learning the basics. As a former gym head, I was trying to lift as much as my training partners. In Capoeira, I wanted to backbend and hand walk like everyone else in the class. Learning Chicago-Style stepping, I was focused on how fluidly the seasoned dancers spun their partners around, versus getting solid footwork down.

My main point is if you don’t have a good foundation of technique and form, and you try to keep up with everyone else in the class, you’re bound to overload something in your body and get hurt.

During my first month of CrossFit, I made sure I left my ego at the door and was totally open to any training techniques the coaches had to show me. Believe me when I say working with just a PVC pipe or training bar was quite challenging, particularly when I focused on alignment, breathwork, and “moving around the bar”.

My main point here is to not think about what everyone else can do, but what you’re able to do now, the weak links that you need to strengthen, and your overall fitness potential.

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