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Treating folks, like you, who move for a living and love to move


Author: Quetcy Henriquez

How do I schedule Telemedicine appointments?

Schedule your Teletherapy HERE.

  • Internet access: We ask, to decrease session transmission disruption, that no other streaming occurs during your session.
  • Computer or Mobile Device: Smartphone/Android,  laptop, tablet, or computer
  • Zoom: Download the (free) Zoom App.
  • Visual space (so your therapist can see you from head to toe through your camera) and physical space (to perform your movements). You should be visible from head to toe, standing and laying on the floor. It’s ok if you need to adjust your camera during the session. Please practice before your session. 

MovEvolution believes in working with what you have at home. If your therapist believes you may benefit from using other equipment, he/she will make suggestions on what and where to purchase and may provide links to ease the process.