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Author: Richard Symister

Desk Jockey Neck & Shoulder Pain? Stop stretching your muscles and stretch these instead

So why do desk jockeys, programmers, and gamers need to work on their nerves?

What happens when you sit and work with a mouse, stylus, keyboard, or joystick for hours upon end? Joints get stiff. Pain!

  • Muscles get tight. 
  • Joints get stiff.
  • Tissues get starved of blood. 
  • Nerves lose their glide!!!

But wait!!! Don’t make the common mistake of just stretching muscles and other soft tissue. 

  • Find out what is really stuck (like your nerves)
  • Learn how to “glide” and “floss” your nerves.
  • Use nerve glides as breaks at your P.C. or laptop to keep your neck and shoulder loose.

Nerve glides are great for:

  • Neck, back, and leg pain
  • Shoulder tightness
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Gamer’s thumb

Upper Extremity Nerve Glides 

The FOUNDATION POSITION for ALL upper extremity  gliding movements:

  1. Turn and rotate your head (away from the nerve being glided).
  2. Depress your shoulders
  3. Straighten your elbow.

Work up to 15-20 REPS.

  1. Median nerve glide: Supinate and extend your wrist
  2. Radial nerve glide:  Placing the thumb in your fist, pronate and flex your wrist 
  3. Ulnar nerve glide: Elevate your arm, Supinate and extend your wrist

* With all upper extremity nerve glides, you have the option of gliding at either your elbow or your wrist.

Lower Extremity Nerve Glides:

  1. Sciatic Nerve glide: Straighten the knee and flex your ankle. Intensify the movement by side-bending  the trunk of away from the nerve being stretched
  2. Femoral Nerve: Gently brace your abdominals and bend your knees

Don’t work, program, or game in pain. The solution is simple. You just need to know what’s actually “stuck”.

Heal. Move. MOBILIZE. Evolve.