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Author: Richard Symister

Dealing with Medical Insurance Companies Absolutely Sucks! (So let us deal with them.)

We understand. Even the thought of getting on the phone to discuss your physical therapy benefits with an insurance agent can stress you out. There is a lot of wasted “hold” time.  And often, you are left more frustrated and confused than you were before picking up your phone.

We understand.

Focus less on your insurance, and more on healing, moving, and evolving.  Let us check your physical therapy benefits for you…for free!

MovEvolution’s Physical Therapy Benefits Checklist

We ask the right questions. We get the right answers.

We gather this info prior to your first visit,  so your journey with us can be a smooth one. 

📍 Your out-of-network provider benefits.

📍 Your yearly deductible, how much is it, and how much has already been met. 

📍 The number of visits allowed per year, and per diagnosis.

📍 Any pre-authorization or referral form requirements.

CONTACT US with any insurance-related questions.

Heal. Move. ASK. Evolve.