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Author: Richard Symister

COVID & "Nurse's Bladder" —- No Time to Pee!

Are you a teacher or a nurse? Then you know one of the major problems with your profession is having limited bathroom breaks.  
Have you been off work for some time because of the pandemic? It’s nice being able to go to the bathroom when you feel like it, right?
But what happens to you when your bladder once you return to work?
Holding in your pee for long extended periods of time can strain your bladder and can lead to other pelvic floor and urinary issues (leaking, pain, sense of urgency, inability to void, weak bladder).
If you indeed have a limited bathroom break, here are a few tips  to save your bladder:

  • Drink the majority of your water early in the morning, before breaks, or before the end of your shift. 
  • Drink a few ounces here and there versus gulping down larger quantities at one time.
  • Check with a pelvic floor therapist to learn bladder retraining tactics. [DM or email me for NY pelvic floor physical therapists.]

Watch the supplementary YouTube video here.
Heal. Move. PEE. Evolve.
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