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Author: Richard Symister

ACL Injuries..Through Our Clients’ Eyes..

We love knees at MovEvolution Physical Therapy and have some really great outcomes.

We thought what better way to reach out to other knee pain sufferers than to highlight our own knee clients.

For the next few blogs, we are going to focus on a large part of our population — our anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) clients. Follow along as we track their progress, from trauma to reaching pivotal clinical and functional milestones.

ACL strain or tear? Conservative treatment vs. surgical intervention? What should I expect in physical therapy? When will I be able to run again? You have questions. We have the answers. 

Follow our ACL Blog and you will gain deeper insight and a better understanding of your ACL injury, symptoms and treatment options. 

Some of the hot topics that we will cover:

  • How did I tear my ACL?
  • My first MD visit
  • ACL home maintenance
  • The cost of an ACL rupture: Office visits, cabs, medications, equipment…
  • First PT visit
  • Milestones and setbacks

Next blog: The HOW behind my ACL tear.