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Author: Richard Symister

30 Degrees Knee Flexion Rule — The Key to Better Quad/Hamstring Muscle Balance

Richard Assessing Knee Strength
To get the best quadricep and hamstring co-contraction with our post-surgical ACL clients, we need get them comfortable, stable, and strong at 30 degrees knee flexion in the closed chain position (where the distal aspect of the extremity is fixed to an object that is stationary).
Once our ACL clients have been cleared and can safely tolerate full weight-bearing positions, we get them training at about the 30 degree mark and progress from there.
We really have to stress with this client to:

  1. Land softly.
  2. Avoid that knock-knee, valgus landing.
  3. Land and maintain stability at the 30 degree mark.

MovEvolution loves knees! Check out our video of us applying the 30 degree knee rule during dynamic stabilization training.

How Important is quadricep/hamstring muscle balance in ACL return to play?

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