by Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy

There is so much research out there detailing how our body’s mobility changes with each passing decade and how mobility is directly linked to how long we live and the quality of our life.

So, a few years shy of my 50th birthday and as the proud owner of MovEvolution Physical Therapy and the MoveLab Space, I present to you our new winter/spring series:

MOBILITY of the 40+ Year Old Athlete and Dancer

Over the next few months, we will present tons of information on:

“Smashing,” “rolling,” and band work for self-care
Prescribing the right sport-specific mobility “dosage”
Improving mobility and muscle balance
Pain Neuroscience
Injury reduction
Squat and movement biomechanics
Training to treat and reduce knee and shoulder injuries
Research, research, research!
move. heal. MOBILIZE. evolve.

See the RESEARCH on Mobility, Performance and Life Expectancy.