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Treating people who move for a living, and love to move

What is TeleMedicine?

TelemMedicine allows MovEvolution to perform Physical and Performance Therapy remotely through the use of a digital medium (android, table, laptop, desktop).

Why TeleMedicine?

  • Save time. No more taking time getting to and from sessions or looking for parking.
  • Save money. Same great service, but a bit less out of your pocket!
  • Consistency. Having your sessions at home helps with your compliance and accountability.
  • Satisfaction and positive outcome. The research speaks for itself. 
  • Flexibility. We offer flexible time slots and try our best to accommodate waiting lists. 
  • Convenience. There’s no place like home. 
  • Accessibility. Moving, traveling, or just too far away? Our MovEvolution TeleMedicine has no distance boundaries … as long as you have an internet connection.

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