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Your Daily Rx: My Brain is Making My Back Hurt

Emily Shneiderman September 1, 2018

Patient Name: YOU   Problem (or Dx): Too much mental “static” and internal stress.   Your Daily Rx: Break Away from Technology   Client Education: Diaphragmatic breathing   In the New York hustle and bustle, it’s easy to separate ourselves from nature — animals, trees, the sun. And there’s a strong link between excessive, isolated computer use [...]

Your Daily Rx: What Type of Warm Up Is Best for Me?

Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy September 1, 2018

Dynamic Warm–Up Movement Assessment™ (DWMA) Problem: Everyone says “Warm up before you exercise to avoid injuries like straining a muscle.” But what type of warm up should I be doing?” RX: Client Education: The Proper Warm-up Warmer tissues mean better  muscle performance and less chance of straining muscle. “Your warm-up gets blood into the muscles, [...]

Clinicians! Come & Get Exposed!

Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy August 1, 2018

Greetings, everyone! We have good and bad news. Bad news first. We are closing down the Brooklyn Manual Therapist MeetUp Group. But wait! Allow me to explain how this fits into our good news. We will be collaborating with the Brooklyn Holistic Chamber of Commerce (BHCC) — the HCC’s NYC-Brooklyn Chapter! Why is this good [...]

30 Degrees Knee Flexion Rule — The Key to Better Quad/Hamstring Muscle Balance

Richard Assessing Knee Strength Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy July 1, 2018

  To get the best quadricep and hamstring co-contraction with our post-surgical ACL clients, we need get them comfortable, stable, and strong at 30 degrees knee flexion in the closed chain position (where the distal aspect of the extremity is fixed to an object that is stationary). Once our ACL clients have been cleared and [...]

Insidious Knee Pain

Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy June 1, 2018

    Your knee looks fine. Your doctor and all diagnostics rule out any internal damage.  But your knee still doesn’t feel right during that run or after box jumps or cycling past that 10th mile. What gives?   Yes! Make sure a qualified PT or MD who loves knees performs a thorough evaluation of [...]

Active Recovery And Why We See Bikes on the Sidelines

Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy May 29, 2018

  Dance. Rest. Pain. Repeat. Ever wonder why they keep stationary bikes on the sidelines of professional sports like basketball and football? To keep warmed-up, right? Correct. But also to keep that burning lactic acid from building up in muscles, to keep muscles from stiffening up, prepping the nervous system for “flight” or “fight” (or [...]

Selecting Your Right Dance Gear: Shoes

Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy May 22, 2018

We asked a cobbler, former professional dancer and current “Chicago-style” Stepper, Hatshepsut Pakeman Symister, what she recommends when choosing the right shoes to get you through many nights of dancing without overloading or injuring your feet and knees. Schedule monthly shoe physicals. Rip out your old insole and replace it with a memory foam insole. [...]

Your Dance Warm-Up. Let’s get Specific!

Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy May 8, 2018

    What is it: warm up? The key word here is warm. Simply put, you are trying to increase the temperature of your your tissues specifically, those your about to use). When you move faster and for a prolonged period time or increase your intensity,your heart pumps more blood to the working muscles, which, [...]

Prep2Step: A Dancer’s Guide To Bulletproofing Your Knees

Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy May 1, 2018

    Enjoy your dance with less pain. Avoid post-dance muscle soreness and achy joints. Learn the correct “dosage“ for warming up, stretching and cooling down. How many dancers out there are dancing with pain, expect to have knee pain during or after dance, or are relying on pain meds to “keep the edge off”? [...]

“Knee Strain” Is Not A Diagnosis

Knee Strain Not A diagnosis Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy April 1, 2018

Knee Strain, Iliotibial Band Syndrome… Get a Specific Diagnosis, Not a List of Symptoms. A while back we wrote a post about not accepting Lower Back Pain as a diagnosis. Lower Back Pain is a symptom, not a diagnosis. The same can be said for getting a doctor’s script that reads Knee Pain or Chondromalacia [...]

The Lever Test – Best For Testing ACL Instability?

Richard conducts a Lever Test to evaluate an ACL injury Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy March 1, 2018

Knee deep in Mike Reinold’s Knee Seminar, we came across a newer test, the Lever Test, for testing for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) laxity. One study proposed that it surpassed the standard Lachman’s and Anterior Drawer tests. What Did We Find? We have to say: We get the bio-mechanics of the test and can see [...]

MovEvolution is Up to its Knees in Knees

Injured Knee Image Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy January 9, 2018

MEPT is up to it’s knees enrolled in Mike Reinold’s Knee seminar. ACL surgeries. Meniscus tears. Patellafemoral pain. Moving and evolving at becoming experts in the rehabilitation, strength and conditioning

A Guide to Going Fee-for-Service with Your Physical Therapy

Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy June 27, 2016

Whether it’s being able to bike a “century,” run a 5K or painlessly climb a flight of stairs, MovEvolution Physical Therapy practice is built upon 3 goals—to decrease your pain, speed repair and growth, and help your body achieve the highest levels of performance possible. To achieve this mission, we have adopted to a Fee-For- [...]

Holiday Training Guide: All the Trimmings + Staying Trim

Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy December 21, 2015

Staying fit and injury-free through winter holidays takes a little intention, “pre-gaming.” We’re spreading the good cheer to all our clients with suggestions for joy in the moment, avoiding extreme recoveries in the new year. On Eating . . . THE BIG SPREAD: Have a basic plan that limits how much you can “cheat.” Eye [...]