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Performance Therapy: Return to Play & Sport

Treating people who move for a living, and love to move

Performance Therapy: Return to Play & Sports

As opposed to Physical Therapy, which focuses on decreasing your pain, swelling, and improving your range of motion and strength, our Return to Play & Sports program incorporates sport-specific techniques to help you optimize movement performance, while decreasing your injury risk.

Return to Play & Sports – Pricing and Packs

Each session is 90 mins. 

  • Nano Pack
    • Single Visit – $150
  • Micro Pack
    • 2 in-studio visits – $275
  • Mega Pack
    • 6 in-studio visits. $750
  • Membership Pack
    •  3-month contract – 4 visits/month $1450 monthly

A free PHONE CONSULT is available with any pack.

You may book a Return to Play & Sports EXAM with any of the excellent pack options above.

Traveling, or moving, or do you live far away? Try our remote, TELEMEDICINE sessions.

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What is the MovEvolution Return to Play & Sport program?

Physical Therapy vs Return to Play & Sport. Which is Best for Your Performance?

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