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Treating people who move for a living, and love to move


Were you forced to take time off from training because of a MUSCULOSKELETAL injury? Evolve your performance.

Have you been discharged from PHYSICAL THERAPY, but need a training roadmap to get back to your previous activity level? Evolve your performance.

Evolve your performance.

MovEvolution’s Return to Play & Sports is designed for the athlete, dancer, performing artist,  musician,, mixed martial artist — people who move for a living and love to move! — wishing to return to full performance. 

Our specialists will design the most efficient and effective training program, based on your individualized performance-specific needs. 

MovEvolution’s Return to Play & Sports system can help you regain your competitive edge and get you back in the game, on the field, court, dance floor, or dojo. 

Our goals are to: 

  • Strengthen your weaknesses
  • Optimize your movement (mobility, balance, power, speed)
  • Remove injury risk factors 
  • Rebuild your movement competence, confidence and control.


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What’s the difference between Physical Therapy or Return to Play & Sports? This is a great question, and it’s really important that you understand so you can get the most out of either program.

For those who lost baseline strength, balance, or motion because of an injury or disease, Physical Therapy is the best option.

Need a check-up or tune-up before heading back onto the track, court, dance floor, or dojo after an extended layoff? Get your Performance Therapy: Return to Play & Sports checklist of criteria and goals, to avoid further injury and optimize your movement.

So which is best for your overall performance — Physical or Performance Therapy? Find out more HERE.

What is the MovEvolution Return to Play & Sports System? All movement is performance, and we all perform at some level on a daily basis. Our Return to Play & Sports system is designed to optimize your movement performance, and is perfect for you if you wish to:

  • Rebuild your movement competence, confidence, and control.
  • Remove injury risk factors.
  • Prepare your body for more complex, challenging movements.
  • Evolve your performance. 

Find out more about our Return to Play & Sports System HERE.

We know what you, the client who moves for a living and loves to move, wants when seeking quality, 5-star rated therapy. You want the “why” the “how” behind your pain or injury. 

After each session, we want our clients’ heads filled with so much information that their heads tilt to the side. We want them to understand the why of driving their pain, injury, and Movement dysfunction. The why, or your Body Blueprint,  is the clinical “diagnosis” we deliver to you after your first screening or exam.


Now that you know the why, it’s now time to figure out how to fix things. This is your “prescription”, or as we like to say, your Training Road Map — your individualized exercise and movement program.

So, do we really know what you want? Find out more HERE.

So many of us foam roll our quadriceps. But are we getting the most out of it?

Here are 2 tips to get more BANG for your foam rolling BUCK.

  1. Try flexing and extending your knee while you foam roll your quadriceps.
  2. Keep your knee flexed. Now internally and externally rotate your hips while you foam roll your quadriceps.

Read more about The Benefits of Adding Stretching to Your Foam Rolling HERE. Watch our video HERE

As part of our Performance Therapy: Build a Better Athlete program, MovEvolution wants to purchase 3 spectacular pieces of equipment for the New Britain Boys and Girls Club of New Britain to:

  • help screen for risk of injury

  • confirm the athlete’s readiness for performance

This account will be to match a $2,000 GoFundMe Celebrate Black Joy Grant Program.

Read more HERE and help build better athletes.