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Treating people who move for a living, and love to move

performance therapy: Return to Play & Sports pricing

As opposed to Physical Therapy, which focuses on decreasing your pain, swelling, and improving your range of motion and strength, our Return to Play & Sports program incorporates sport-specific techniques to help you optimize movement performance, while decreasing your injury risk.

Return to Play & Sports – Pricing and Packs

Each session is 90 mins. 

  • Nano Pack
    • Single Visit – $225 
  • Micro Pack
    • 2 in-studio visits – $425 
  • Mega Pack
    • 6 in-studio visits. $1300  
  • Flex Pack
    • Combo of 4 in-studio/TeleMedicine visits $750

A free PHONE CONSULT is available with any pack.

You may book an EXAM with any of the excellent packs above. 

Traveling, moving, or do you live far away? Try our Flex Pack option, combining IN-HOUSE with remote, TELEMEDICINE sessions.

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