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Author: Quetcy Henriquez

Back Pain Standing? Stop Standing Like Elvis!

Do you get that localized, nagging, ache on either side of your lower back as soon as you stand still? […]

Author: Quetcy Henriquez

Why You Need the SLRDL/Marching Drill to Protect Your Knees.

Do you run, jump, or spend any amount of time on one leg during your sport? Want to protect your […]

Author: Quetcy Henriquez

MMA & KNEE Pain: Add CARs to Get Your Hips Mobile

Our client, Bob, who trains BJJ and Judo, complains of left knee joint pain after rolling on the mat, with […]

Author: Quetcy Henriquez

Improve Your Run. Get SPIDERMAN Mobile.

Runners, do you have enough room to run?  What I mean is, do you have enough: Hip extension? Hamstring mobility? […]

Author: Quetcy Henriquez

Desk Jockey Neck & Shoulder Pain? Stop stretching your muscles and stretch these instead

So why do desk jockeys, programmers, and gamers need to work on their nerves? What happens when you sit and […]

Author: Quetcy Henriquez

When can you run after an ACL injury? Ask the right questions.

Watch our physical therapy client (left ACL) get ready for her Brooklyn to Manhattan commute. “When can I run?” This […]

Author: Richard Symister

Want More Ankle Motion? Train MOBILITY & FLEXIBILITY

Want More ANKLE MOTION? Combine Mobility & Flexibility Training   When a client comes to me with limited dorsiflexion motion, I have […]

Author: Richard Symister

Couch Hip Flexor Stretch Progression

Desk jockey? Runner? Cyclist? Do you feel like your hip flexors could use some flexibility love? Here’s a great, progressive, […]

Author: Richard Symister

Improve Your Foam Rolling R.O.I: “When should I foam roll and for how long?“

This is an excellent question. Unfortunately, I don’t have a concise answer, since there is currently no consensus on the […]

Author: Richard Symister

Foam Rolling 101: “When is it ok to foam roll an injury?”

So, should you roll out a new injury? This all depends on the injury. But usually, my answer is a […]