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Treating folks, like you, who move for a living and live to move


Author: Richard Symister

Tips on Choosing Your Next Physical Therapist

Think “value”, and not “insurance”. It’s not easy finding the right Physical Therapist. There are more than 650 physical therapy […]

Author: Richard Symister

Black Men and Our Balls: Pain Ain't Normal, Fellas!

This is a serious, sensitive topic (no pun intended). Many men of color, especially Black men, do not like going […]

Author: Richard Symister


At night, are you awake and coordinated when you go to the bathroom to pee? Darkness, half asleep, furniture, rugs, […]

Author: Richard Symister

COVID & "Nurse's Bladder" —- No Time to Pee!

Are you a teacher or a nurse? Then you know one of the major problems with your profession is having […]

Author: Richard Symister

COVID & NUTRITION: Eating Healthy on a Budget

A lot of us are strapped for cash these days and being able to afford the same quality and quantity […]

Author: Richard Symister

Clinical/Athletic Space Sharing Opportunity

  Dear Family,  As small business owners and independent contractors, most of us have taken a big financial hit due […]

Author: Richard Symister

Deflated Ego

How deflated is your ego 🤔? Allow me to first clarify. I am not talking about a “bruised” 🤕 ego. […]

Author: Richard Symister

Shame in the Batter’s Box

Shame in the Batter’s Box: My personal story of racism & sports performance anxiety   In a recent podcast with […]

Author: Richard Symister

Defining Fitness and the 4C's

What Does Physical Fitness Mean to You and the 4 C’s of Physical Fitness   When trying to define physical […]

Author: Richard Symister

Stretching 4 Drummers: 4 Steps to a "Tight" Stretching Program

Stretching 4 Drummers 4 Steps to a “Tight” Stretching Program   All drummers want to protect their hands, arms or […]

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