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Treating people, who move for a living, and love to move

Bite-Size Blogs

Author: Richard Symister

M.E.L.T. and Move M.E.L.T. classes

M.E.L.T. classes are now being offered at MovEvolution Physical Therapy, Brookyn! Where: MovEvolution Physical Therapy 87 Fort Greene Place (b/t […]

Author: Richard Symister

Pain is normal. Suffering is not.

Pain tells us that are body is not doing something right. Poor alignment, excessive rotation, overloaded joints or bad posture […]

Author: Richard Symister

MovEvolution Physical Therapy Stretching

Stretching Lab News and Tips http://ow.ly/i/4r1p3

Author: Richard Symister

Winter – H20 and the Athlete

Winter time does not mean less water when working out. Your body still needs it and usually in the same […]

Author: Richard Symister

The Cool Down — Are You Doing It?

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