I was diagnosed with mild arthritis last year which became increasingly painful. I was seen by the Sports Medicine doctor, who gave me certain exercises to do which didn’t help and eventually a shot which worked great for two days. I figured I’d try Physical Therapy so I prayed and chose Movevolution, which was walking distance from my job. During my consultation I told Richard what my goals were and he tortured me with the guasha (gwa-sha) and a lot of mobilizations which worked wonders. Now since my therapy has ended I continue doing my mobilizations with increasing improvement. Richard is an excellent Physical Therapist, he has this old time insight (I call it God given) of [seeing] exactly what’s going on and how to address it. And I love the music. Have to treat him to a peanut butter, blueberry smoothie one day.

—Hope W.

So full disclosure, I am married to this man!  However I was a dancer before I met him, and always had bad knee problems. I tore my meniscus in stage in 1994 and 1995 dancing Congolese and Samba, but in my twenties I recovered quickly.  I then  I re-tore my meniscus in 2014 playing soccer, then I tore the other in 2016 dancing, April of this year.  I went in for surgery the very end of May, and already I am back in my 4 inch heels dancing pretty comfortably!  I am doing great and my dance people can’t believe it!  Spouses can be the harshest critics, but even if I were not married to Richard I’d make sure to get my Physio care there.  I’ve seen other people “recover” from the same surgery and mine was definitely quicker!

I chose the right one!

—Hatshepsut P. S.

I fell on May 15th and was diagnosed on May 17th with a complete ACL tear of the right knee and torn medial meniscus in 3 places. I found Movevolution Physical Therapy in my neighborhood for pre-surgical therapy, for which I went 2 times. Surgery was June 2nd. Had 9 sessions of physical therapy post op and want to give a HUGE shout out to Richard who got me back up and on my feet again. It’s certainly not easy and there were some cries of pain, but one thing I learned from Richard is how important it is to also put the work in at home. He would demonstrate the exercise for me; I would record it with my phone so that I could do it properly on my own. Scheduling appointments is easy and there are different payment options to choose from. I now have full range of motion and am pain free. THANK YOU RICHARD AND MOVEVOLUTION FOR GETTING ME BACK ON TRACK!!!

—Nicole M. C.

“Richard takes physical therapy to another level! He’s professional, caring, extremely knowledgeable of injuries and how the body, muscle and joints function. He utilizes techniques that I’ve never had the pleasure to experience with other physical therapists. In a matter of just three visits into my treatment I saw significant progress!”

—Clint B., Brooklyn

“He is the best. Hands down”

—Nancy R., Brooklyn

“Thank you for understanding. I really appreciate it and the personal way you run your business. I was telling a colleague that just at the initial evaluation, you were more thorough and intuitive than all the other physical therapists I saw previously!”

—Kristen C., New York

“My heel and ankle are feeling great. I have been back to full activity for some time now and have even seen some strength gains in my front and back squat. Thank you so much for your help in getting me healthy again. I am truly grateful for that.”

—Ryan S., New York

“The taping has helped enormously. It has made a significant difference in comfort . . . quite amazing. Thank you again for the promise your expertise offers.”

—Eileen M., Brooklyn

“The name fits it perfectly. That is exactly what MovEvolution does for you, mentally and physically. It is very rare that you find someone who takes pride in what they do. I have been to big name hospitals and have not had any results, until I went to MovEvolution. I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.”

—Dahlia M., Brooklyn