Small doubts can lead to big setbacks. Almost of all of us who engage the body have found ourselves discouraged, taking time off, losing concentration, and faith that our LTGs are attainable. Negative thoughts play havoc on performance.

Your mindset

Staying in the right mindset may be the challenge. Anytime we encounter:




Training setbacks


. . . we encounter the mindset challenge. It is easy to think: “Why me? What am I doing wrong?”

The experience of a vibrant body is one of life’s greatest gifts. It’s a sacrosanct feeling that anyone who has been able to run, climb, swim, throw, or move at all, can access. Going deep into the natural ability of our bodies offers us a natural “high,” an ecstatic experience.

With the right training, technique, and tools, we can and do embody a perfect form. Doubt or loss of faith can block our access to this natural gift, what some might call a blessing. It can give you an uncomfortable feeling of going it alone. Why not believe in this deep, natural connection to your form and cultivate your most positive awareness of it?

The universe wants us to succeed

The best training partner I’ve ever had was myself. But it was only when I possessed total confidence in myself as an athlete, one blessed, protected, and highly favored in my activity. I felt that I was capable and deserved my goals, deserved to evolve.

Knowing that the universe has your back is a comfort whether you’re squatting massive weight or clinging to the side of a Yosemite mountain. You are not only your body. You can observe it and go deep into it. It’s a deep and mysterious connection worth honoring and engaging. Use your insight, to:heal. move. evolve.