celebrate victory

Moving is Good for the Soul.

This simple idea stands up against another one: the idea that in order for training to be productive, it must hurt, leave your breathless, exhausted and sore.

I’m not writing about this to claim that I know where the latter idea came from in our cultural consciousness, but I am writing as an advocate for the former: moving is good for the soul.

Celebrate your victories. Eat some cheesecake.

“The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.”—William James, Psychologist.

Reach a milestone or short-term goal? Celebrate! There will be time to get to the next one. Feel the victory.

Rewarding yourself could be something simple as a verbal affirmation: “Well done, man!” Treat yourself to bodywork, an outside class you’ve been wanting to try. “Cheat” for a day on your diet at Junior’s Cheesecake. It’s a victory lap in this moment. You could even take a little time off from training to “play,” or recover for a new milestone challenge.

Gratification inspires, pushes us further, motivates. Looking forward to our “reward” helps with performance. Think “forward” to your reward—not just when reaching a STG—but at the end of every hard training session. Get in a good stretch, foam rolling session, or smoothie at your favorite juice bar.

It’s positive reinforcement.