My name is Richard Symister. I have been a licensed Physical Therapist for 19 years and am the proud owner of MovEvolution Physical Therapy in Fort Greene Brooklyn.

I have 3 goals that I believe will bring me closer to intrinsic fulfillment, satisfaction and lifelong happiness:

  1. Enjoy my life with my wife to the fullest. This encompasses intimacy, communication, travel and laughter!
  2. Always love my profession, grow in a positive direction with MovEvolution Physical Therapy and become Brooklyn’s hub for sports and dance injury prevention (link to Partner Pampering Event), rehabilitation and “Return to Sports” post-rehab.
  3. Evolve into a better man, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I’d like to share my 3rd goal with you. If you have been following my blog posts, Practical Goal-setting for Athletic Performanceyou already know that I received some not-so-good health news in December of 2014.  This was a life-changing event. I was determined to reverse the internal damage and get back into ultimate shape. But I wanted to bring all of my readers along with me for the ride; my runners, cyclists, dancers, mixed martial artists, performing artists — folks who move for a living and live to move. So I decided to blog my transformation, including my goal-setting process, workouts, lessons learned, before and after pictures, and time-tested, proven rules for athletic success.  Why? To show that I practice what I preach and to use my body evolution as an inspiration to those who have their own specific athletic goals.

In January, 2015, I felt like I looked --- tired, heavy, achy...I had fallen far off the "fitness wagon"!

In January, I felt like I looked — tired, heavy, achy…I had fallen far off the “fitness wagon”!

A much healthier me! You can see it in my "glow", leanness , overall countenance and posture. I'm feeling pretty good at this point.

June, 2015. A much healthier me! You can see it in my “glow”, leanness , overall countenance and posture. I’m feeling pretty good at this point and this is only the beginning.






Do you have fitness or athletic goals? Want to reach them faster without injury or wasted time? Follow and see how I evolve over a 9 month period. Please check out my last few blogs, Practical Goal-setting for Athletic Performance, and tune into my next posting — Making S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Avoiding Wasted Training Time!

heal. move. evolve.