So full disclosure, I am married to this man!  However I was a dancer before I met him, and always had bad knee problems. I tore my meniscus in stage in 1994 and 1995 dancing Congolese and Samba, but in my twenties I recovered quickly.  I then  I re-tore my meniscus in 2014 playing soccer, then I tore the other in 2016 dancing, April of this year.  I went in for surgery the very end of May, and already I am back in my 4 inch heels dancing pretty comfortably!  I am doing great and my dance people can’t believe it!  Spouses can be the harshest critics, but even if I were not married to Richard I’d make sure to get my Physio care there.  I’ve seen other people “recover” from the same surgery and mine was definitely quicker!

I chose the right one!

—Hatshepsut P. S.

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