Do you accept my insurance?
We first need to check your physical benefits once we receive your client registration. Your client registration can be found when booking your initial evaluation with our online scheduler.
What if I choose to use my commercial insurance?
You will receive the same great, 1-on-1, quality care as you would paying out-of-pocket. All sessions are 1 hour. Your number of sessions will be limited by your particular insurance’s authorization policy.
What are your specialties? What conditions do you commonly treat?
We are dedicated to treating injuries of movement for the athlete and physical performer—from the runner, cyclist, dancer and musician, to the martial artist and multi-sport enthusiast—folks who move to live and live to move. We specialize in knee and shoulder injuries/dysfunction and C.O.R.E. training.
Why 1 hour treatments?
We find that our clients derive the greatest benefits from our 1-on-1, one-hour treatment sessions. With sustained attention from your therapist, you’ll learn how to continue your therapy on your own and receive manual therapy and bodywork support for your condition. One hour treatments also significantly cut back on your PT session frequency, usually necessitating treatment session only 1x/week.
Why pay out-of-pocket or go out-of-network for my physical therapy?
How do I schedule?
We make registration and scheduling fast, easy remote. Go to Full Slate

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