Your Daily Rx: What Type of Warm Up Is Best for Me?

Dynamic Warm–Up Movement Assessment™ (DWMA)

Problem: Everyone says “Warm up before you exercise to avoid injuries like straining a muscle.”

But what type of warm up should I be doing?”

RX: Client Education: The Proper Warm-up

Warmer tissues mean better  muscle performance and less chance of straining muscle. “Your warm-up gets blood into the muscles, which warms them up, preparing them for elongation, contraction and loading”

But what qualifies as a good warm up?

A good warm-up should NOT: 1- Exhaust you.

                                                2- Increase joint or muscular pain.

                                                3- Take away from your event, training, or dance.

A good warm-up SHOULD:     1- Start at a lower heart rate and gradually increase

                                                         2- Transition from general to training-specific movements—specific here means that the movements should duplicate or target the muscle groups you are about to use ( legs, hips, and core)

It is fine to start with a general exercise, like stationary cycling, but eventually choose movements that mimic your activity movements.  

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