Problem: My doctor gave me a prescription for Physical Therapy for my chronic lower back pain.  But I am pretty bad with doing my home exercises. Does it matter or can’t I just focus on doing my exercises during Physical Therapy?


Daily RX: Client Home Training Prescription

Your Physical Therapist is important: performing the evaluation and prescribing a program specific to deal with your pain, injury or dysfunction. You, the client, have an important role as well. This includes compliance to your individualized HOME TRAINING PRESCRIPTION and recommended activity modifications.

There are 168 hours in a week, but you may be under the supervision of the Physical Therapist only 2 times per week (or 2 hours). This leaves the patient responsible for his or her own care for 166 hours per week. Your compliance, therefore, is imperative to carry on the benefits gained during your Physical Therapy sessions and for a successful outcome.

At MovEvolution Physical Therapy, our home training programs are fun, functional, progressive, sport-specific and tailored to you. Do your homework and we’ll help you reach your milestones!

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