Richard Symister


The Physical Therapy game has changed since I first became licensed in 1997. It’s no longer just about decreasing your pain. It’s about increasing your performance.

Whether it’s work, sports or play, you want and need to perform better. You want the “fix”!

Here’s how I help you get “fixed” and reach your milestones:

    • My evaluations are head to toe, regardless of your pain or injury.
    • Most of your sessions will involve lots of bodywork and movement correction.
    • Your sessions will run approximately 60 minutes and are strictly 1-on-1.
    • I offer “partner training” session. Ask our front desk about this great offer!
    • I offer maintenance programs for those who want monthly bodywork, movement screens or tune-ups and tweaks to their training programs.
  • Although I train many athletes and dancers with knee, shoulders and lower back dysfunctions, I love working with all folks that move for a living and live to move.

Want to learn more about my achievement at Simmons College? Check this Youtube link to learn about my career, study, workshops, ways to help fix folks with pain, injury or dysfunctions like yours.  Visit me on LinkedIn and see our 5-Star Reviews.