Clinical/Athletic Space Sharing Opportunity

  Dear Family,  As small business owners and independent contractors, most of us have taken a big financial hit due to recent world events. The pandemic might have slowed you down, disrupted your business goals, and may have upended how you do business altogether. But there is an opportunity within this chaos and disorder, with [...]

Deflated Ego

How deflated is your ego 🤔? Allow me to first clarify. I am not talking about a “bruised” 🤕 ego. I refer to ego in the psychological sense, not the colloquial sense. Did you know your ego craves sustenance and can run out of steam. The ego important to us, serving as our connection to [...]

Shame in the Batter’s Box

Shame in the Batter’s Box: My personal story of racism & sports performance anxiety   In a recent podcast with Dr. Maha Nasrallah-Babenko,, I had the unique opportunity to discuss the relationship between the aversion to exercise and sex. The keyword that kept coming up? Shame! Let me put this into context as far [...]

Defining Fitness and the 4C’s

What Does Physical Fitness Mean to You and the 4 C’s of Physical Fitness   When trying to define physical fitness to my patients and clients, I came to a few conclusions: Communication and comprehension are both key components to the success of my client’s performance. But being bogged down with finding the absolute, perfect [...]

Stretching 4 Drummers: 4 Steps to a “Tight” Stretching Program

Stretching 4 Drummers 4 Steps to a “Tight” Stretching Program   All drummers want to protect their hands, arms or shoulders from injury. And we are all aware that stretching benefits our drumming bodies in one way or another, right? Some drummers stretch a lot. Some stretch a little. Unfortunately, some do not stretch at [...]