Your Daily Rx: My Brain is Making My Back Hurt

Patient Name: YOU   Problem (or Dx): Too much mental “static” and internal stress.   Your Daily Rx: Break Away from Technology   Client Education: Diaphragmatic breathing   In the New York hustle and bustle, it’s easy to separate ourselves from nature — animals, trees, the sun. And there’s a strong link between excessive, isolated computer use [...]

Your Daily Rx: What Type of Warm Up Is Best for Me?

Dynamic Warm–Up Movement Assessment™ (DWMA)   Problem: Everyone says “Warm up before you exercise to avoid injuries like straining a muscle.” But what type of warm up should I be doing?”   RX: Client Education: The Proper Warm-up Warmer tissues mean better  muscle performance and less chance of straining muscle. “Your warm-up gets blood into [...]

Clinicians! Come & Get Exposed!

Greetings, everyone! We have good and bad news. Bad news first. We are closing down the Brooklyn Manual Therapist MeetUp Group. But wait! Allow me to explain how this fits into our good news. We will be collaborating with the Brooklyn Holistic Chamber of Commerce (BHCC) — the HCC’s NYC-Brooklyn Chapter! Why is this good [...]