Your Daily Rx: My Brain is Making My Back Hurt

Emily Shneiderman September 1, 2018

Patient Name: YOU   Problem (or Dx): Too much mental “static” and internal stress.   Your Daily Rx: Break Away from Technology   Client Education: Diaphragmatic breathing   In the New York hustle and bustle, it’s easy to separate ourselves from nature — animals, trees, the sun. And there’s a strong link between excessive, isolated computer use [...]

Your Daily Rx: What Type of Warm Up Is Best for Me?

Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy September 1, 2018

Dynamic Warm–Up Movement Assessment™ (DWMA) Problem: Everyone says “Warm up before you exercise to avoid injuries like straining a muscle.” But what type of warm up should I be doing?” RX: Client Education: The Proper Warm-up Warmer tissues mean better  muscle performance and less chance of straining muscle. “Your warm-up gets blood into the muscles, [...]