Warm Up And Injury – What Does The Research Say?

Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy April 18, 2018

  A roundup of excellent research and guidelines for stretching, warm-up and preventing injury from American College of Sports Medicine, Sport Medicine UK, American Heart Association, and National Center for Biotechnology Information. From The American College of Sports Medicine -ACSM (view full article) Muscle strains, tendonitis and overuse injuries can be reduced. Every workout must [...]

“Knee Strain” Is Not A Diagnosis

Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy April 1, 2018

Knee Strain, Iliotibial Band Syndrome… Get a Specific Diagnosis, Not a List of Symptoms. A while back we wrote a post about not accepting Lower Back Pain as a diagnosis. Lower Back Pain is a symptom, not a diagnosis. The same can be said for getting a doctor’s script that reads Knee Pain or Chondromalacia [...]